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Sustainable investment

Zertum was created with the purpose of contributing in an effective way to society, by creating a business model based on innovation and sustainability. Our goals are:
  • To modernize and renew cities through “urban surgery” actions on areas with great possibilities but forgotten over the years.
  • To optimize family savings, by making it easier for individuals to have access to professional real estate investment by advising them faithfully.
  • To improve the options for leasing residential dwellings, by designing properties with additional high added-value services for tenants.
  • To encourage financial culture and education, by promoting the “owner’s mentality” through long-term investment in residential real estate properties.

Committed to ESG criteria


The implementation of the criteria and standards required to obtain a BREEAM certification in the “very good” category in each project is the best way to prove objectively the Zertum commitment to the environmental care and sustainability.

A complete integration within digital systems for the main interaction cycles related to customers, collaborators, investors and other potential groups of interest with whom we interact is what (i) allows an efficient management of and control in the use of energy resources, (ii) reduces the need for travel and (iii) saves material consumption, contributing to the reduction of the activity’s carbon footprint.


By means of priority actions for average-sized cities and disadvantaged areas or those ones fallen into disuse within the urban fabric, abandoned by the common actors of the sector, it is provided a genuine social service, both for the economic regeneration profitable by the nearby areas and for the creation of green spaces and services for public use that it entails.

Furthermore, we promote a responsible, long-term investment culture that improves both people and families’ financial autonomy by providing them with a high value-added real estate investment model which is managed in a transparent and professional manner.

Corporate management

Zertum business vision is based on the essential principle of maximum transparency. Therefore, each Project Company is organized in order to always guarantee effective control and decision-making power to its community of investors, aligning corporate action and the needs of the 21st century society.

Zertum, as the administrator, acts under the limits and conditions of the management mandate in force at any given time, in accordance with the will of the majority of the investment partners, without any commitment to exclusivity nor obstacle to the competitive basis of any third party providing any services.

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