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Get to know the residential project that is already home to 90 families and whose 57 members are already receiving rents.
Short summary

Centrally located, with an attractive design and a wide range of areas and services, Rambla240 is the most exclusive residential complex for leasing in Almeria.

It will allow the tenants to enjoy city life every day as well as recreational areas designed for welfare (such as the swimming pool, solarium and sport facilities).

Rambla 240 is a clear example of Zertum commitment to urban transformation and renewal. Situated in an area where there were several facilities that are behind the times and no longer used and that do not correspond to the natural development of the city.

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Investment characteristics
Start-up capital amount


1Q -3Q of 2019


3,972,995 €
First investment period


2Q of 2022


1,250,000 €
Second investment period


4Q of 2022 – 1Q of 2023


1.291.252 €
Third investment period


4Q of 2023


1.025.000 €
Key figures
Property value 31.38 million€
Development cost 20.61 million€
Gross operating margin 11.20 million€
Gross margin on costs (%) 54.30 %
Total equity interests 7.54 million€
Bank financing 12.22 million€
Loan-to-value ratio (LTV) 36.65 %
Leasing stage
Leasing incomes 1.55 million€
Leasing costs 0.33 million€
Net operating income (NOI) 1.22 million€
Gross profitability on costs 6.37 %
Intended purposes and areas

This residential complex has three independent entrance halls – entrance hall 1 and entrance hall 2 (with 56 and 34 dwellings, respectively) -, which are intended for long-term leasing and have direct and exclusive access to the common areas (basement, swimming pool and recreational areas).

Entrance hall 3 has 12 dwellings intended for sale under the regime of government subsidized housing.

The complex has a commercial area located on the ground floor to be used as a supermarket and a second area located on the first floor intended for sport activities.

Both areas have an independent basement floor to be used as parking service by customers and users. On the other side, the second basement floor is intended to be used by residents only as parking area and storage rooms.

BREEAM certificate guarantees a sustainable and environmentally friendly construction.

Finally, the construction of the complex involves the development of all the streets nearby, as well as the creation of a new public square in the neighborhood, offering citizens a new leisure area.

Units Area
Dwellings 102 (12 subsidized housing) 7,673 m²
Parking area 102 3,118 m²
Storage room area 46 212 m²
Other areas 10 10,808 m²
Dwellings / No bathrooms Units
1 bedroom / no bathroom 31 (3 subsidized housing) / 1
2 bedrooms / no bathrooms 52 (9 subsidized housing) / 2
3 bedrooms / no bathrooms 7 / 3
Commertial premises Use
Premises 1 Supermarket
Premises 2 Gym
Parking area and storage rooms Units
Parking lots 102
Storage rooms 53
Other areas
Swimming pool
Green areas
Development status


First approval In progress Final approval


Draft Basic Development


Not requested yet Requested Granted

Tender process

0% 50% 100%


0% 50% 100%


0% 50% 100%


This residential complex is located at the intersection of Avenida Federico García Lorca and Calle Granada, two of the main Almeria’s historical streets. Nearby, numerous shops, leisure facilities and restaurants, as well as schools, medical centres and public agencies organisms’ offices can be found:

  • 2 km from San Miguel beach
  • 200 m from the city centre
  • 1.7 km from the intermodal station
  • 1.6 km from shopping centres
  • 2.8 km from Hospital Universitario Torrecárdenas
  • 13.3 km from the international airport

7.54 M€

paid-up from a total amount of 7.54 million€

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